Monday, 2 December 2013

learning how to swimming

 When I started swimming I was in the hot pool I had to keep on working to get to
the main pool so we worked on our freestyle and our backstrokes and I keep on working hard. Then I made to the main pool it looks so hard we have to not touch the ground because if a wave pulled you out to sea its not like you can touch the floor so thats why in the pool we can not touch the ground. and when we went to the cold pool we were learning about swimming on our side and when we do freestyle we had to count to 3 and when we put our head out.

We have to put our head to the side and put it on our shoulder then when our head goes back in our head goes first.I think I do good and well.IN the future I need to work on my backstrokes. we learn not to touch the ground and to breathe out of the water.

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